A 360-Degree Approach to Addiction

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Sometimes this means the length of the program itself can change to meet your needs. If you’re healing from co-occurring disorders, you may benefit from a longer stay. This gives your brain chemistry time to adjust—first to life without drug use, and then to any medications your care team prescribes.

Discover the transformative benefits of outpatient substance abuse treatment. They also value having role models of recovery and someone to call on when the recovering self is an unsteady newborn. Data show that the programs are helpful for some but not for everyone. Many people seeking help for substance misuse often find themselves typing “drug and alcohol rehab near me” into a search engine when they first reach out in an effort to change their lives.


To discover whether your health insurance may cover the full or partial cost of treatment at any American Addiction Centers facility, enter your information in our form below. For some people, medication is an effective way to maintain abstinence from their addiction until they can better manage the challenge of recovery on their own. For withdrawal from alcohol or opiates, for example, maintenance medications can help reduce cravings and the need for the high that the substance provides. This can give the person more time to develop tools to avoid behaviors and situations that might trigger relapse. When treatment is customized to meet the specific individual’s physical, psychological, and practical needs during and after treatment, it’s more likely to help those struggling with addiction. Residential treatment facilities that offer evidence-based treatments and therapies like the ones discussed above offer their patients a fighting chance at sobriety and recovery.

Aftercare is often described as the treatment plan or safety net that goes with you when your rehab program is done. In a PHP, you focus on behavioral therapy in both group and individual settings. You may also take part in 12-step or other peer recovery support groups. Inpatient treatment is usually considered short-term and often focuses on client stabilization beyond detox. How long a detox program will last depends mostly on how severe your SUD is.


However, the duration of a long-term rehab program will vary depending on the type of drug addiction requiring treatment. Outpatient treatment may be available for mild-to-moderate symptoms of alcohol withdrawal; however, should symptoms become severe, inpatient care may be required. The length of time a person spends in rehab can vary widely depending on a variety of factors. One of these factors includes the specific programs offered at a given facility, which can impact the length of someone’s stay.

When you’re just starting recovery, you can only plan so far in advance. Along the way, you and your care team might decide you need more or less time in rehab than you originally planned. It’s important to remain flexible throughout your recovery journey.

Length of Stay and the Effectiveness of Treatment

Many people in alcohol or drug addiction treatment start with detox. After lunch, patients undergo cognitive behavioral therapy, group sharing, or family therapy. Some rehab centers invite speakers or workshop hosts (often previous patients far along the recovery process) to discuss their careers and experiences. Outpatient treatment https://g-markets.net/sober-living/14-reasons-being-sober-makes-your-life-better/ is an essential part of many recovery journeys, offering benefits such as increased flexibility and affordability. This type of treatment allows individuals to continue with their daily lives while receiving the necessary support and therapy, making it a valuable option for those who cannot commit to full-time residential rehab.

  • An IOP may be an important intermediary step toward a standard outpatient program and then aftercare, or it may function as a stand-alone program.
  • Short-term residential treatment programs typically last 90 days, while long-term programs may last a year or more.
  • Bayview Recovery Center provides varying levels of care with a focus on outpatient treatment programs at our Tacoma, WA drug rehab center.
  • Every person needs a comprehensive recovery plan that addresses educational needs, job skills, social relationships, and mental and physical health.
  • The prospect of change engages people in an inner dialogue about hope, disappointment, and accountability.

Others may struggle for years, learning the best way to avoid temptation and high-risk situations. Before a person reaches recovery, they must address their addiction and seek treatment. 100 Art Therapy Exercises The Updated and Improved List The Art of Emotional Healing by Shelley Klammer Substance abuse treatment teaches that addiction is a disease—just like asthma or diabetes. These calls are offered at no cost to you and with no obligation to enter into treatment.

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